Merge von MSCRM-Sätzen per Kingswaysoft

Merge per Kingswaysoft Nötig ist dazu das normale „SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365“ und nicht das „SSIS Productivity Pack“. Link:
CRM Destination Component Editor – Action (Nur möglich bei account / contact / lead / incident):

Merge action is only possible with the following CRM entities:

  • account
  • contact
  • lead

When Merge action is chosen, you will be working with the following 4 columns with the first two columns being required in order to merge a pair of CRM records:

  • targetid – the record that you would like to retain.
  • subordinateid – the record that is going to be retired, in which case, the record itself will be deactivated and all child records will be re-parented underneath the retained record which is specified by the targetid input column.
  • CoalesceNonEmptyValues (since v8.0) – specify a Boolean value to determine whether to coalesce non-empty value during the Merge operation. When the input value for this field is true, the destination component will try to coalesce non-empty values during the Merge operation. For example, when this is set to true, if the subordinate record has a value for a particular field, but the target record does not have a value (usually in the format of NULL), then the value from the subordinate record will be copied over to the target entity record. The default behavior is false if this field is not mapped.
  • PerformParentingChecks (since v8.0) – specify a Boolean value to determine whether a parenting check is needed during the Merge operation. Set to Ture to check if the parent information is different for the two entity records, otherwise, False


Parameter von MSCRM/Dyn365 Reports

Sobald ein Report neu angelegt wird. können auch viele Parameter  automatisch angeboten werden. Diese Parameter sind „hidden“ und haben lediglich einen statischen „Default“ Value.

Lediglich haben einige Parameter eine besondere Bedeutung. Speziell „CRM_Url“: DIeser (leere!) Parameter wird benötigt um von einem Report wieder in das CRM zu springen.